• What is a service call fee?
  • How much does a service call cost?
  • How much would a repair cost?
  • Do you charge by the hour?

A service call fee includes both the trip fee and diagnostic fee. This is the cost to have an appliance repair technician come out to the customer’s home or business and diagnose the problem as to why the appliance is not working properly. After diagnosis, the technician can provide the customer with an estimate of how much the repair will cost. The estimate typically includes the service call fee, labor, and parts if a part(s) must be replaced. Even if a customer does not approve the repair, they still must pay the service call fee. If the customer approved the job, the appliance was repaired but within 90 days the same original problem occurred, the technician will come out to repair the appliance under warranty (no service call).

Service Call is $69.00. A service call is collected only when you decide not to have your appliance repaired. The service call fee is waived when a repair is authorized. Repair cost is a flat rate cost. Parts and labor combined, not itemized. Technician is identified at time of scheduled visit.

The appliance repair cost includes the service call fee, labor, and parts if parts must be replaced. The repair cost can vary depending on several factors. These factors include but are not limited to: Address of household/business, brand of appliance, type of appliance, accessibility of appliance, availability/cost of parts, and severity of repair.

Appliance repair labor costs at 1AFixIt Service Center are not charged by the hour. Rather, we charge by the job which is called Flat Rate Labor. This allows the customer to know upfront what the repair will cost and then approve or disapprove the repair.